Application Development

Infotrend Inc. supports all stages of the application development life cycle from requirements through design, testing, and implementation. We analyze user information needs and reconcile inconsistencies and omissions from the requirements. Our experts develop the application development project plan with goals categorized into distinct functions and operations within the intended application. Throughout the application development process, we gather and interpret facts to diagnose problems and recommend improvements. We strive to automate application testing and deployment. One of our strong suites is our discipline in documenting and updating developer best practices, including specific guidance for developers, coders, architects, users and admins. Our experience is in providing services for in-house Enterprise, Cloud or Mobile application development.


We ensure that DevOps is implemented alongside traditional IT delivery methods to improve collaboration between operations and development teams. Infotrend Inc. provides consulting services to assess and benchmark DevOps maturity, identify and analyze gaps, and develop and execute a roadmap with discrete, measurable initiatives. We focus on rapid IT service delivery through adoption of Agile and lean practices and utilizing automation tools that can leverage an increasingly programmable and dynamic infrastructure. We ensure buy-in from development and operational teams, identify the key roles to support DevOps delivery methods, and makes sure IT professionals are trained and empowered to make those changes.


Our IV&V services range from the establishment of enterprise-level capability within an organization to the execution of assessments that support IT Portfolio Management and organizational system development efforts. Infotrend Inc. experts review and provide recommendations to improve both management and technical aspects with traceability of production functions to original requirements. We select a qualified independent team to bring all the pieces together into a special testing environment and check for errors, bugs and interoperability before any application is put into production. We analyzing changes to systems security and ensure that acceptable level of system effectiveness is maintained.